Top 10 iPhone, iPad and iPod touch games for April 2013

With hundreds of new games a month and hundred thousands of new games a year, the toughest part is finding the best games experiences in the market.

This April we would like to introduceyou 10 new games. Please check out below our list for the latest and greatest iPhone/ iPad and iPod touch games for April 2013.

1. Mittens48162_500649736662137_1766680632_nMittens, both the name of this app and of the cat which the game revolves around, is the latest entertaining physics puzzler from Disney. The company had an extreme amount of success with Where’s My Water a couple of years ago and this is definitely a notable follow-up.

This Game is compatible with all Devices.The application support GameCenter feature for achievements and leaderboards. Continue reading

Clash Trip Racing Game Review


The Clash Trip Racing game app will challenge non-drivers and drivers alike. Clash Trip Racing is an action-arcade bus parking game for Android and iOS devices in which you can show your driving as well as parking skills. So what makes “bus” parking different than say normal car parking? Well as you can probably imagine or know through experience, bus are harder to control and are generally slower. So the levels in Clash Trip Racing reflect that and you need to adjust your playing style for that. Wide turns, maybe reversing a few times to get a good position and being slow and steady are all necessary components for this bus parking game. Continue reading

Top 10 iPhone, iPad and Android games for March 2013

Here are the best 10 games of March 2013. Enjoy!

1. Doodle Jump01638394Doodle Jump is an incredibly easy game to pick up and play with precise tilt controls, plenty of themes, and new costumes and items to keep it interesting. Continue reading

New Temple Run: Oz Review

templerunozMany times we have seen how successful projects create sequels. Again and again. An example of such games are Angry Birds and Temple Run. And now we will review the second game, specifically its sequel, which is now on Google Play and App Store. Now we’ll be playing Temple Run based on the new film “Oz: The Great and Powerful.” Continue reading

Top 5 best Parking Games for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Android

1. Parking Frenzy 2.05113806-1350007833648Parking Frenzy 2.0 is probably the best cross between a driving game and a parking game that you could get.
If you are looking for a game that is bit easier to pick up and play when you only have a few minutes to waste then this is for you. It is not hugely immersive and the levels do not last very long, but they are very tricky and will require your maximum attention and skills!
The aim of the game is to prove your dexterity and precision by manoeuvering your car in-amongst moving traffic and stationary obstacles to be able to park with minimum damage. Continue reading

Top 10 best iPhone and iPad games for February 2013

With hundreds of new games a month and hundred thousands of new games a year, the toughest part is finding the best games experiences in the market.
During the month we check which games had the highest number of views, the highest number of downloads and had the highest position in the top games list. This month we would like to introduce these new games. Please check out below the list for the latest and greatest iPhone/ iPad games for February 2013.

1. Cordy 2unnamed Continue reading

Real Racing 3 for iPad, iPhone and Android


Now, all fans of racing games have great reason to celebrate. The long-awaited game Real Racing 3 from Electronic Arts appeared at App Store and Google Play.
For more than one month, representatives of EA warmed our interest for their creation, and that’s why it’s a such a welcome and wanted game. But is the game worth all our hopes? Continue reading

Playstation app will be on iOS and Android


With a new PlayStation app, Sony plans to extend the PlayStation 4 console experience to a second-screen. Announced for iOS and Android devices, the app will allow players to enhance their gaming experience by accessing information – such as maps for the PS4 title being played – as well as make purchases for their console on the go and “remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.”
Now, Sony has gone on record about their second screen initiative, indicating that
A new application from SCE called ‘PlayStation App’ will enable iPhone-, iPad-, and Android-based smartphones and tablets to become second screens. Once installed on these devices, users can, for example, see maps on their second screens when playing an adventure game, purchase PS4 games while away from home and download it directly to the console at home, or remotely watch other gamers playing on their devices.
Specific examples and availability details are not yet available. Sony will presumably have more to say about the second screen functionality in key PS4 titles as the console approaches its late 2013 launch.
Anyway, it’ll be interesting to see and hear more about the PS4 and its feature set as the hype train really starts rolling.

Also Check Out the Sony Press Conference at 6:00 PM Eastern, Streaming Live

First details about “Destiny”, the new game from Halo creators

Bungie has just presented its new project – Destiny, published the first video. At the moment at IGN is online broadcast, in which the developers talk about the future game. Journalists also published a short article format “question and answer”, revealing the first details of the game. Continue reading